After the crash...

We offers the most affordable data recovery service in your Region with Free evaluation, No charge if no data recovered, Customer privacy and confidentiality.

We can recover data from a desktop, laptop or external hard drives that are Deleted or formatted drives and partitions, Not being detected in the BIOS, Corrupt or damaged email database, Not accessible. FAT table damaged. etc..., The computer just won't start for you to do a backup from and you don't know what to do.

We recover data for a flat rate which is guaranteed. If we don't get your data back, you don't pay us a dime. Call now for a quick phone evaluation and quote. It could be as low as $50 or the most you would pay is $220.

Be Prepared...

We can help you implement a good backup system no matter how simple or complex it might be. Any backup is better than no backup. Are you sure you are backing up everything? Are you sure it was successful? Are you using CD's when you could be upgrading to DVDs, tapes or external hard drives and save you time and hassle? How long would it take you to get up and running if you crashed today? Do you have all your disks in one place? Do you have a list of all passwords, serial numbers, supplier contact info so you know who to call to get activation numbers, etc.?

Most people don't think about this until it's too late and they need it immediately. We can help. Call and ask for a complete disaster plan. Try to avoid requiring data recovery all together.
Our laptop and computer repair specialty is repair in your home or place of business. We specialize in, but are not restricted to, virus and malware infestations and corrupted Operating Systems. It seems that the greatest threat to computer soundness today is all the garbage you get attacked with from the Internet. So many programs you download from the Internet are like the old Crack Jack boxes - they have a surprise inside.

If your computer has become road kill on the Internet Superhighway, we can restore it back to life. Our experience and malware detection tools allow us to restore even the most messed up computer back to good PC health.

Rest assured that My IT Tech is qualified to fix your computer on the spot, or tell you the sad news that your PC needs more than can be accomplished on the spot. We have occasionally had to reimage a PC, which is the computer equivalent to life after death. Most times, we can restore your computer to that friendly, helpful computer that you remember from your PC's youth.
Small home/office networks are easier to own and run than you might think. They can be wired, wireless or a combination of both. At the My IT Tech lab, we have most of our computers wired to a network, but we also have a wireless node for our portable computers.

A typical home network may look like the image at the bottom. The Internet comes into a DSL or Cable modem, then to a Router/Switch. The Router has a firewall built into it to keep the scum of the Internet out of your network.

From the router you can run network cables to other PC's, a wireless node like in the image at the right, or even to a print server so all of your PC's can print to any printer on the network.

You can purchase a 4 port router with VPN capability for about $150, an 8 port router for around $250.

Wireless access points and routers can cost from $50 and can cover the floor space area of the average home.

Be aware that the new N protocol wireless routers are using a protocol that is not yet ratified by the IEEE, and may cause more connection headaches than they solve.

My IT Tech can design, install and maintain any network configuration you may need for your personal home or small office.

Supply and Install AntiVirus

Provide and setup software to protect your computer from malicious viruses and program it to update on a scheduled basis.

Supply and Install AntiSpyware

Provide and setup software to protect your computer from intrusive programs that, unbeknownst to you, track and report what you do on your computer. Installed and configured to update and scan regularly.

Supply and Install Firewall

Provide and setup software on your PC to protect you while online from "uninvited" visitors.
We design and develop simple, professional, effective websites for small business. We recognize the small business and start-up business budget.

Many people are starting businesses and don't have a website, and may have existing businesses for years and never built a website and now we are in the age of competition online. Think about how often you search online to find something you are looking for before picking up the yellow pages book. How many people are searching for you that way?

If you do a search for a certain type of business or product, do you come up at the top of the search engines? Does it cost more to be at the top? Do you have to use things like Google Pay Per Click to be #1? You can be at the top for free and we know how to get you there.

My IT Tech is at the top of the major search engines on may levels of our business including computer repair, laptop repair and website design - etc. We have proven we know how to get at the top and make the phone ring as a result.

We work with you to get a website that you will be happy with over all. Even if it is not our recommendation, we will explain why we think our design works for you, but we will design sites exactly as you want them if you have a certain image in your mind.